Our agent departement provides you with the effective and immediate marine service solutions from local troubleshooting to a total logistic package in Turkish Bosphorus ( Istanbul + Canakkale Dardanelles Straits ) and the ports.

Transatlantic shipping’s extensive global experience, combined with the in-depth knowledge of our regional staff enables us to provide effective, innovative and cost-efficient port and marine solutions and customers may expect a uniform quality of service in every port where we are active.

Our main attendances are:

• Providing full package of service and ship supply;
• Safely and professionally protecting client’s interests;
• Helping to reduce port expenses and detentions of vessels.

We assist shipowners in contact with port authorities, cargo owners, forwarders, stevedores, arrangement of vessel’s supply and service while in port, drawing up and registering customers and cargo documents.

We work for our customers 7/24 bss. Our professionel agency team will serve you to clarify your worries and ease the complications faster and smoothly.

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